Training is offered to all registered athletes of every age, free of charge.

Training is conducted during the competition season on Tuesday nights, 5pm to 6pm.

Training will commence 17th September 2019.

Parents must stay for the duration of training and we suggest your child takes a hat, water bottle and jacket.

Competition uniform is not required to be worn.

Training will be offered on the three-week rotational basis.


Below is the training roster:

Week 1 - Walks, High Jump & Javelin

Week 2 - Hurdles, Sprints (50m, 70m, 100m & 200m), Shot Put & Discus

Week 3 - Long Distrance (400m, 500m, 700m, 800m, 1500m & 3000m), Long Jump & Triple Jump


* Tiny Tots activities modelled off athletics events will be available in Weeks 2 and 3